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 Solution to the field of lighting Course

Auralux offers an innovative and unique solution for playing golf at night. Under the starry sky, the golf course get up real balloons to provide not only a beautiful nighttime spectacular effect but also a light, thanks to the elevation up to 40 meters high, wide and uniform on the fairways, no noise or pollution and no poles or wires on the green, illuminating the holes and not dazzling players.
Scientia Group Italy has developed high efficiency solutions with  zero environmental impact for the optimum night lighting of golf courses, their fairways and their greens.
But for the golfer who wants to train, practice, play at night without requiring the overall system activation?
Here is the solution for the individual lighting of the golf course, a cheap and portable system that guarantees more than four hours of light comparable to a halogen 1000W: thanks to the 174 lumens/watt Citizen CLU026, the particular AURA electonic driver illuminates the area of ​​the golfer with only 50W flying on latex balloon inflated with helium.
The battery pack of 9 rechargeable LiIon 18650 (400 gr - size 210×60×20 mm) is easily placed in the bag as well as the small winding of the strong electrical conductor connecting the "LED engine" to engage simply a ball .
The club can then provide, nightlife golfers, small balloons of 80 or 100 cm in diameter, and inflate them ... away on the fairways, in the light.